Digital Media And Broadcasting

The digital media and broadcasting market require powerful, graphic-intensive portable workstations. Whether it's for live streaming or post-production, you need a powerful and reliable portable computer. With our panel of expert engineers, ACME strives to design, develop, and produce the ultimate platforms for the broadcasting market.

ACME Portable is focused on numerous platforms that are vital in the broadcasting industry. Some of these are overlaying professional graphics, video streaming, editing, transcoding, and color grading. Our portable platforms are integrated with the latest technologies and can be fully customized for your specific needs.

Products are developed on 3D solid modeling platforms optimized for direct interface with our manufacturing systems that allows rapid prototyping and manufacturing of customer specific special components. Products are assembled, tested and verified in accordance with our ISO-9001 certification. Our products are marketed through a nationwide network of manufacturer’s representatives to a broad range of government, military and corporate industrial users.