ACME Portable is an industry-leading manufacturing company that specializes in rugged portable computers. We strive to achieve the power and configurability of a desktop with the convenience and portability of a laptop. It is a powerful system that combines the best of both worlds – a solution that you can deploy at any location.

Our computers are used for a variety of special applications, and our knowledgable staff are ready to assist you in any possible way. They will understand the challenges you may face, know which unit you will need, which hardware should be integrated, and which 3rd party cards should be installed.

They work with you throughout the entire process to help you get exactly what you need. The list below shows a few of the markets and applications where our computers are being used.

Digital Media And Broadcasting

Digital Media & Broadcasting

These are high-performance, graphics-intensive portable systems with HD displays. They are typically used for on-site video editing, live streaming, and more. Some features include:

  • Portable video production solutions with optional 4k displays for ultra high-definition
  • Able to connect professional SDI/HDMI cameras to Blackmagic Design Decklink capture cards
  • H.264 live encoding for stunning video quality at lower bit rates
  • Special effects, transitions, 3D virtual sets, subtitles and more!
Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement

Capturing real-time data is a common obstacle that network professionals face. You need a portable solution that you can set and deploy on the field. You also need massive storage and high-speed write performance.

  • High performance 20G/40G Network capture platform for carriers
  • Standard 1G/10G Network capture platform for enterprise customers
  • High speed 12Gb/s RAID card and media for fastest data sequential write performance
  • Hot swappable HDD/SDD for massive storage and easy transfer, upgrade, and maintenance
Government & Military

Government & Military

ACME supports the needs of the US government and military by providing fully rugged portable computing and display solutions.

  • Environmental testing and certification is performed in-house for shock, drop, vibration, rain and moisture
  • Fully rugged products that meet MIL-STD 810G
  • Fully sealed Mil-Spec connectors for all interfaces
Medical Market


Our medical division aims to provide high-quality and professional medical devices that will change the landscape of the medical industry.

Our patented ECG detection and PPG module measurement techniques have brought the new fields of development for professional and home use medical devices.

  • Patented and innovative algorithm that analyzes data that is acquired 10 seconds resting ECG
  • Early detection of ischemia syndrome without risky and invasive procedures
  • Accurate and detailed ECG waveform measurements
Rugged Display Market

Rugged Displays

Our rugged display units are used in servers, on planes, in air turbines, and more. From rack mounted KVM consoles to triple display units, we can provide you with the perfect solution.

Our consoles are convenient, compact options for servers. Our RMDDU provides the highest resolution of any rack mounted display system with dual 23" displays in a 2U rack mount package. For more information on our rugged displays, please visit our dedicated site.

  • Rack mounted display system with the highest resolution
  • Rugged and portable multi-display monitors
  • Rack mounted display systems with up to 16 KVM ports available