NAB Show 2018 Recap!

Published on: 04/24/2018

Thank you for joining us at the National Association of Broadcasters convention! This year's NAB was a success yet again, and we had a ton of fun spending time with our customers and meeting new ones! This show is a great opportunity for us to get to know you so we sincerely wanted to thank you for stopping by our booth.

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High Performance, Portable Workstation for Media Application

Published on: 06/16/2016

Whether it's real-time graphics, video editing, or event production, professionals in the broadcasting and media-related industry face similar struggles when it comes to adequate equipment. Computers in this field require both powerful hardware and software, but such high performance usually means one is confined to large desktop systems. They often end up using multiple systems for different tasks. Facing these struggles, many long for a new idea and look for a solution that combines all the qualities that they need in one portable unit

ACME Portable is proud to present the Acme Go, an all-in-one ultra-high-performance portable workstation that has been specifically tailored for each individual in the broadcasting and media industry.

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